Gluten and its Side Effects

gluten-side-effectsGluten is an agent found in most wheat containing foods such as bread and pasta, but Gluten can cause many side effects such as bloating and tiredness.
It can also have an impact on joints, especially someone with a bone condition such as Arthritis or Osteoporosis, as the Gluten agent can irritate and can produce an inflammatory response in the joint, which further worsens the condition. You will find that if you stop eating Gluten you will alleviate yourself of this symptoms.

The Gluten agent is extracted from flour, especially from bread flour which is high in gluten and kneading the ingredients together such as flour and wheat creates the formation of gluten strands and cross links, creating baked products that are chewier in proportion to normal foods, but without the Gluten agent in them this won’t cause any inflammatory responses.

Gluten is also used as a stabilising agent in some foods such as ice cream and tomato ketchup to preserve its flavour and enhance its taste and appearance for a much longer period of time, as opposed to this not being used, it would barely last 2-3 days. The reason I bring this up as well is because these kind of foods that contain this “stabilizing agent” in them, can be a major hazard with people that have a disease called Coeliac Disease, which is a autoimmune disorder that can have profound effects on the human digestive tract which can lead to indigestion, diarrhoea and fatigue and this is also known to have an effect on other organ systems.

Around 1 in 100 people suffer from Coeliac Disease and there is no known cure for this at the moment apart from a lifetime long gluten free diet, and by having a gluten free diet, this can eliminate the heightened risk of developing osteoporosis which is a brittle bone disease and intestinal cancer.

My opinion on Gluten is that, especially in the Western World in countries such as the United Kingdom, USA and Canada, our staple diet mainly consists of bread, pasta and other Gluten containing foods which obviously increases our risk of developing these horrible diseases such as Coeliac Disease and Osteoporosis, but in other parts of the world, the diet is different such as in Japan and some other Asian countries, their diet consists mainly of fish and meat which has very little or no Gluten content in it whatsoever.

So my point is that we need to change our diet in order to improve our quality of life and health and avoid getting these side effects and diseases relating to Gluten and I also want Gluten to be made more aware of in the media and the press so that people fully understand the consequences of eating a high Gluten diet and the impact these will have on their health.


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